Rizzini Exmoor RB

Rizzini Exmoor RB side view

The Rizzini Exmoor RB may be a big beast but it is a handsome one. The action is coin finished and its rounded bar profusely engraved with acanthus scroll, applied expertly, by a laser process. Aesthetically, the combination of rounded action bar and deep scroll works well. The attractive, rather sumptuous appearance of the gun belies its £3,000 price point. The overall standard of presentation is especially good; as well as the eye-catching engraving, the figure of the wood, the oiled stock finish and the laser-applied chequering all exceed expectations. Blacking is excellent. The general form and shapes of the gun impress as well (with a couple of qualifications regarding the stock). The trigger is single and selective with a gold-plated blade. The chokes are fixed – three-quarters and full – and the rib is both solid and tapered (8mm to 6mm). The wood on the Rizzini Exmoor RB test gun was not only well figured but well coloured and created a pleasant contrast with the action.

RIB: Solid
TRIGGER: Single, selective
CHOKES: ¾ & Full
STOCK: Semi-pistol grip (rounded)
SAFETY: Auto-safe
ACTION FINISH: Coin finish
PROOF: Steel shot

RETAIL inc VAT: £3,100.00