About Rizzini


W Horton & Sons, based in Birminghams Gun Quarter are the UK’s largest B Rizzini dealer in the UK


We have access to a range of demonstration guns (both Game & Clay) as we work very closely with the UK distributors, ASI. We offer free gun fitting service (please book in) with a fully articulated try gun on all new B Rizzini guns purchased through us. The benefit of a fitted gun made for you means that you have no compromise in your purchase, what you want is what you get with the only limit being your budget.

W Horton & Sons will then utilise the skills within the Birmingham Gun Quarter to make small adjustments to the stock if required and at no uplift in cost to you, this method suits 90% of of people. However if you fall outside of these parameters (LOP longer than 15 1/4″ or excessive drop or cast) we can have your stock made to exact measurements which attracts an £870 surcharge, remember if you do fall outside the parameters the chances of finding a gun to fit off the rack anywhere is remote at best. Our product knowledge of the entire B Rizzini range is unsurpassed by many other UK dealers, so contact us to arrange a fitting and order your B Rizzini. We do also sell guns off the rack but would prefer to ensure the gun fits you before you leave the shop.

W Horton & Sons and B Rizzini sponsored shooter Phil Pointer (Trap) will happily demo the B Rizzini competition range. Phil shoots both an S2000 high rib (similar grade to a Caesar Guerini Maxum Impact) and a BR 440 competition high rib (similar to a high end Perazzi, Zoli or Krieghoff in terms of performance but up to half the price).

Also, to keep up with the latest news on Rizzini guns, view our articles and news page which includes info on the newest guns and Rizzini gun factory tours by clicking this link.

About Battista Rizzini

Battista Rizzini of Brescia Italy founded the Rizzini Company in 1966. He has three children (Guiseppe, Moira and Pamela) who are actively involved in the family-ran business. The B Rizzini guns have always been renowned for being great handling, excellent value for money guns. In recent years the Rizzini custom shop has seen some excellent pieces being manufactured using traditional skills. The B Rizzini business utilise the very latest in CNC & Laser engraving technology that produce consistent and incredibly pretty, superb handling shotguns.


Battista and Giuseppe Rizzini