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Rizzini BR440 EL


The Rizzini BR440 EL is the developed design of the BR440, which can be viewed by clicking this link. And is available with all the same options (high rib and comb raiser), however the wood is the highest grade available and the action has a coin finish with some tasteful engraving.

In our opinion a fantastic looking gun and worth the upgrade price when put against comparable gunes from the likes of Perazzi and Beretta.

Standrad Sporter: £6,800 or £7,550.00 in high rib.

Competition Gun Omnium Sporting Omnium Sporter

Competition Gun Rizzini V3 Sporter V3 Sporter

Competition Gun Rizzini Vertex Vertex

Competition Gun Rizzini Premier Premier

Competition Gun Rizzini S2000 S2000

Competition Gun Rizzini BR440 BR440

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