Rizzini BR440


Here is what a well know gun writer and US competition shooter had to say recently about the BR440:

The BR440  is a superb gun and fully the equivalent of the Perazzi MX-8 and superior (in our opinion) to the new Beretta DT-11.

The Model BR440 is the peak of the Rizzini competition shotguns, and was later developed into the BR440 EL which can be viewed by clicking this link. While it looks similar to the Rizzini Premier in terms of its black action, the BR440 is on another level of build quality. It is built with a boss style action and removable coil spring trigger the Rizzini BR440 will give you every advantage you need to get ahead of the competition when breaking clays. Considerable technical interest covers the interchangeable block applied to the studs against the inner side of the receiver (patented) designed to ensure long-lasting performance. In other words the BR440 is tough as nails and will with stand hundreds of thousands of rounds. 

Produced in the Skeet, Sporting, Trap and Double Trap, each with different characteristics for specific shooting disciplines. Each gun is offered with fixed chokes or with interchangeable chokes and the sporting version includes long forcing cones. The BR440 sporting comes standard with a fixed rib but a raised rib and adjustable comb is available upon request.

In Sporter format: £4,950.00 or £5,850 in high rib with comb raiser.

Please see video below.

Competition Gun Omnium Sporting Omnium Sporter

Competition Gun Rizzini V3 Sporter V3 Sporter

Competition Gun Rizzini Vertex Vertex

Competition Gun Rizzini Premier Premier

Competition Gun Rizzini S2000 S2000

Competition Gun Rizzini BR440 EL BR440 EL
Competition Gun Rizzini BR110 BR110