Rizzini Premier

Since its introduction, the Premier has been well received and is already one of the most popular competition models from Rizzini. With its matt black frame and tasteful gold ‘Rizzini’ engraving, this shotgun is not only good looking but mechanically built with the highest quality that shooters have come to expect from Rizzini. This gun comes with back-bored barrels, extended forcing cones for lighter recoil, extended choke tubes (optional) and a comfortable pistol grip stock. These features, along with a perfectly balanced gun, will help you acquire your targets quickly and accurately. The Premier also comes in Trap and Skeet models. Fully adjustable stocks, raised ribs, and fully adjustable ribs are also available.

The Premier is new to the Rizzini competition gun lineup, alongside other Rizzini Competition shotguns which can be viewed here.

Available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and .410 gauge. Barrel lengths of 28″, 30″ or 32″. With 5 multi chokes (either flush or extended).

RRP: £2,885.00 (all action sizes)

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