Rizzini have created the Rizzini V3 Sporting to specifically cater for the Youth and Ladies market. Rizzini have modeled the new V3 to ensure it fits the average Lady shot more than your standard gun.

Despite being the only women’s shotgun we have to offer from the Rizzini gun collection, there are a wide range of other shotguns also in our Rizzini Competition shotgun collection, which can be viewed here.

So what makes it fit better than any other gun?

Drop – On average the distance from cheekbone to shoulder is longer than the average gentleman as females tend to have longer necks.

Cast – The average lady will not be as broad in the shoulder so the cast on the new V3 is less pronounced than the standard measurements.

Length of pull – Slightly shorter stock length to suit the average smaller frame on lady shots.

All of these subtle changes mean that it will not only fit better than a standard gun, it will also improve handling and reduce felt recoil. Take a look at our ‘Bespoke Options’ page by clicking this link, for more information on getting the best fitted gun for you.

Chambered in either the 12 gauge or 20 gauge this will soon be the gun of choice for any lady shot in the UK. At £1,985.00 it also represents great value. Available in yellow/black or pink/black.

Barrel length 28″ (71cm), 30″ (76cm) 30″ (76cm)
Stock Finish Hand rubbed oil Hand rubbed oil
Checkering 26 lines per inch 26 lines per inch
Recoil Pad Black rubber Black rubber
Chamber 2 3/4″ 2 3/4″
Top Rib Width 10mm to 8mm Tapered Width 10mm parallel
Rib Height* 6mm 6mm
Center Rib Ventilated Ventilated
Fore-end Rounded Rounded
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