Rizzini Bespoke Options

Gun fit is everything.

We meet a lot of people who compromise on gun fit, you’ve probably heard it yourself “I’m left handed but shoot with a right handed gun”, “It’s a bit short in the stock but I get on with it OK” and “It’s the only one I could find that fitted OK”. Would you wear a jacket that was two sizes too big? NO, so don’t do it with your guns and potentially ruin a days shooting.

We at W Horton & Sons believe that no one should  compromise on gun fit, you should have the perfect gun for you at a price point that is right for you.

YOU can have a gun made to correct length and adjusted to fit for as little as £2,850, this method suits 90% of of people. However if you fall outside of these parameters (LOP longer than 15 1/4″ or excessive drop or cast) we can have your stock made to exact measurements which attracts an £870 surcharge, remember if you do fall outside the parameters the chances of finding a gun to fit off the rack anywhere is remote at best.. So you really have no excuse for an ill fitting gun. So whether the surcharge applies to you or not, your gun comes to fit you out of the box.

Contact W Horton & Sons for your B Rizzini gun fitting in store or at a local shooting ground near Birmingham, West Midlands.


Competition Guns are available in a variety of gauges at no extra cost, however the following additions are available as a guide;

  • Comb Raiser £300.00
  • Adjustable or Fixed high rib £600.00
  • 32″ barrels £268.00

There are also a range of other bespoke options available on both Game guns and Competition guns to include;

  • Bead type and position – various types and option of mid bead if required.
  • Trigger colour – Gold washed, blued or coin finish.
  • Action Finish – Coin or case hardened.
  • Second set of barrels – For c£900 you can have a second set of barrels to fit the same action. Very cost effective vs buying another gun.
  • Rib type – Vented or solid rib.
  • Wood upgrade – The wood on Rizzini guns is second to none and you can choose would up to Exhibition grade.

Once we have consulted with you on your exact requirement we can give you a detailed quote and estimated delivery date.

Why shop around and compromise?.

Contact us for the latest catalogue by emailing or calling 0121 3691855.