Another Rizzini Round Body Shotgun

Another Rizzini gun is now offered in the form of the Rizzini Round Body Deluxe. Rizzini claim to have invented the round body design, however most give this honour to Scottish gunmakers such as John Dickson. What Rizzini have done is make the round action their trademark offering. In essence they have taken the Italian guild action that is used extensively across the Gardone region by a multitude of makers such as Caesar Guerini, Fabarm, Fausti, Franchi, Sabbati and add some flair to the finish. Utilising the very best in laser engraving technology to add all the scrolls, put some quite nice timber on it and add a long tang and pistol cap. This model in all tense and purposes is a mainstream production model of the Rizzini Super Sixteen that came out in 2015 and upgraded version of the much liked Rizzini RB EM.

A very nice looking gun and can be made to measure. The made to measure service is still offered by W Horton & Sons with the following brand Chapuis, Zoli, Grulla and Merkel.


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