Rizzini Ribless 20-bore review

This is where gun fit really comes into play, as you shouldn’t have to rely on the sight picture along a rib to get you on target. If the gun fits you correctly, once mounted it will naturally present your eye in line with the vertical axis of the barrels and in line with the bead.

A ribless gun has less weight in the barrels than its conventional contemporary, which makes it exceedingly quick to change direction and the ultimate development for grouse and partridge. The skill of the gunmaker comes in retaining good balance, and this gun balances just 1 in behind the hinge, making it feel fast and light yet far from “twitchy”. It is balanced without being butt heavy.

There are other differences between this model and the standard round-body gun. The pistol grip of the standard gun is the Prince of Wales type that is rounded and elegant, or there is the option to have a capped pistol grip with a full-length trigger-guard tang reaching right to and linking the engraving of the action with the cap. It is an extremely classy look, with the deep relief foliate engraving enveloping the action, fore-end iron, top-lever, trigger-guard and cap. There is even a token gesture of engraving in the fore-end diamond.

As for the mechanical aspects of the gun, the lock work is all straightforward, reliable Rizzini boxlock. It has a single selective trigger with auto safe and gold-plated trigger-blade. The barrels are fixed choke, set accordingly for the intended shooting at three-eighths and five-eighths bottom and top. They are true bored to size, as opposed to back bored, ensuring great functionality with fibre wads. The ejectors throw the spent case well clear, which is vital as this is part of a pair. You need that gun handed back from your loader — you don’t want him fumbling and trying to extract cases that failed to eject.

The blueing is first class, sporting a deep lustre that is shown to its best without the interruption of a rib. It is a very fitting finish against the contrast of the coined action work.

The stock is of beautiful walnut, very dark and moody. It is slender in the hand, but the rake of the grip means you can still pull it reliably into your shoulder.

The fore-end follows the form of the round action. It is chequered all over, leaving a proportion of border all around and a panel for the inset diamond. A neat push-button latch finishes the tip.


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