Rizzini 28 Gauge

The Rizzini 28 gauge range of guns are built on a dedicated 28 gauge frame and handle superbly. Free fitting with the UK Rizzini specialist. See the full range of Rizzini Shotguns.


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  • Bill Martin says:

    Mr. Horton:

    You were kind enough to answer my question regarding the frame size of the Zoli Expedition EL. What I would like to know is how you compare the Rizzini B. – em luxe ( I was looking at the Super16) and wanted to see what
    was available in a 28 gauge gun with a 30 inch barrel.
    Thanks much for your time, and for tuition.

    Best regards,

    Bill Martin

    • Steve Horton says:

      Very different guns and you’d have to see them side by side ideally. We can do a Rizzini RB EM deluxe on dedicated 28 gauge action in any barrel length from 26″ to 32″.
      The Rizzini are a great gun for the money, however the Zoli action is stronger due to it’s competition roots. Depends what you want it to do… if you want a gun to look pretty, handle well for 8 days a season then go Rizzini. If you want a gun to do 40 days a season for the next 5 years go Zoli.