BOGOF, well almost.

The Rizzini brand have just launched a 20/28 combo set of the very popular Rizzini RB EM. This in standard form is 4,050 according to the latest Tackle & Guns magazine.

W Horton & Sons have been offering this service with the entire Rizzini shotgun range for sometime. Add to that they come with a free fitting and made to measure at no extra cost (within parameters which we discuss at point of fitting).

So whether you want a combo of 12/16, 16/20, 20/28 or even 28/.410 we can get it made for you. This is available on either over and under or side by sides.

To make it simple, the cost for a second set of barrels for different gauge is 1250 (requires another forend to suit second gauge). Slightly more at 1400 for either .410 or 28.

We get asked if this will spoil the balance. The short answer is that it can do but through consultation we can remedy this. By either adding weights underneath the forend or having a barrel length slightly longer on the second set.

Apologies for quality of image, taken from Tackle and Guns magazine.



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