How would you have your Rizzini?

As the largest Rizzini dealer in the UK our delivery of our fitted guns to customers specific requirements are ever increasing as this brand becomes more and more of a firm favourite, especially with game shots. So how would you have yours built?

The latest delivery from Rizzini saw 9 guns in total but due to the time of year, the new owners rushed in that quickly to collect that we didn’t get time to photograph all of them. It included the following;

Rizzini RB EM 12 gauge with solid rib and grade 3 straight hand stock

Rizzini RB EL 28 gauge with solid rib and two barrel set (28″ and 32″, both fixed choke).

Rizzini S2000 with 32″ barrels and full pistol grip for a high bird fanatic.

Rizzini Artemis 16 gauge 30″ fixed choke with upgraded wood, oval engraved and solid top rib.

Rizzini Artemis 20 gauge 30″ with long tang and chemical case colour hardening.

Then below another RB EM case hardened, Artemis and a pair of 20 gauge RB EM with double triggers and long tang standard grade 2.5 wood.


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